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BHIM app review: How it Works and The Advantages

     The BHarat Interface for Money (BHIM) app was launched on 30 December by Prime Minister Modi. The app is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and uses Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for the transactions. The app is very simple to use, has a clean interface and incorporates multiple security features. When it comes to the ease of making cashless payments in India, this is first option anyone can prefer. The app is free on the Google Play store, so that anyone can take the advantage of this app.
How it Works
      Go to Google play store and write bhim national or bhim. Download and install the app. Register by giving your registered mobile number in bank, set password. After this you will get SEND, SCAN and PAY option. For money transfer click on SEND link, give mobile number (whom you want to transfer money) and click on Verify option. Give amount of money and remark if any and click on PAY option. You will get an UPI Pin, give the pin and proceed for transfer.

The Advantages
     When it works, the setup is very simple and straightforward. The application is very fast that it will take fraction of seconds for running. Payments are instantaneous. Users do not have to feed all information at the time of opening a new account, or switching the accounts. There is no need for installing multiple applications from various banks. One single application conducts transactions through all the banks. The transactions are conducted directly through the banks that support UPI.

କେମିତି ଡାଏନ୍‌ଲୋଡ ଓ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରିବେ ‘ଭିମ୍‌’ ଆପ୍‌

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