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Makar Sankranti Festival information:
    The movement of the earth from one zodiac sign into another is called Sankranti and as the Sun moves into the Capricorn zodiac(Makar rasi) known as Makar Sankranti . The name for this festival varies depending upon the people of various regions of our country.  It is one of the few Hindu festivals which are celebrated on a fixed date i.e. 14th January every year. Apart from a harvest festival it is also regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase in Indian culture. There is another significance of this day is that the days start becoming longer and warmer and thus the chill of winter declines.
   The Puranas say that on this day Sun visits the house of his son Shani, who is the swami of Makar Rashi. This day symbolizes the healthy relationship of father & son. He is the son who has the responsibility to carry forward his father’s dreams and the continuity of the family.
On this day Lord Vishnu ended the ever increasing terror of the Asuras by finishing them off and burying their heads under the Mandara Parvata (Mountain). So this occasion also represents the end of negativities and beginning of an era of righteous living.
   This festival is observed largely in Orissa by both general and Adivasi (Tribal) caste. Since this occasion falls just after the harvesting of the paddy crops is over in Orissa. Particularly, the festival is observed largely among all with joy . In Jagannath temple at puri this festival is observed as Uttarayana Yatra and Uttarayan Vandapana of lord Jagannath. People offer a special kind of newly harvested rice and sugarcane mixed with jaggery, grated coconut, banana, molasses, chenna (cheese), Khua, various fruits, dry fruits and milk called "Makara Chaula" to the presiding deity, the Sun God & lit solemn pyre for satisfying the evil elements plaguing household. In some parts of India people offer thousands of their colorful oblations to the Sun in the form of beautiful kites. Various sweets are prepared and distributed among the near and dear ones. In the rural and coastal areas, cock fights are held on this day. In the cities like Cuttack , Bhubaneswar celebrates the festivals by flying kites . In some places Kite competition is held among peoples of different sahi’s (Colonies).People start purchasing kites much before the festive and keeps everything ready for the eve.

2022 Makar Sankranti, Pongal Date and Time for Odisha
Friday, 14 January

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