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Maha Shivaratri 2019 Jagara Date, Odia HD Photo, SMS & Greetings Card

     Maha Shiva Ratri is a auspicious Hindu occasion which is not only celebrated in Odisha but also in whole India. This occasion is celebrated in many places in Odisha like in every Shiva temple but Lingaraj temple (Bhubaneswar), Kapilasha (Dhenkanala), Lokanath temple (Puri), Dhabaleswara (Cuttack) are very famous for this. Maha Shiv Ratri is going to be celebrated on 4th of March this year. In this occasion people do worship of lord Shiva. People believe in doing fast this day and worship lord Shiva to get his blessings. People say this day as Jagara (in odia),as they do worship and fasting  whole day. People do believe that if they worship this day their wishes will get fulfilled by lord Shiva
    Here we are presenting the Maha Shivaratri Photo which you can download and send to your friends,family and put as your Facebook Cover Photos.

    Maha Shivaratri Wallpapers 

ନଗେନ୍ଦ୍ର ହାରାୟ ତ୍ରୀଲୋ ଚନାୟ,
ଭସ୍ମାଙ୍ଗରାଗାୟ ମହେଶ୍ଵରାୟ |
ନିତ୍ୟାୟ ଶୁଦ୍ଧାୟ ଦିଗମ୍ବରାୟ,
ତସ୍ମୈ "ନ" କାରାୟ ନମଃ ଶିବାୟ |

ପବିତ୍ର ମହା ଶିବରାତ୍ରୀ (ଜାଗର) ର ଅନେକ ଅନେକ ଅଭିନନ୍ଦନ 

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