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Niali Odisha Sheep Killer Fake Photo Video Goes Viral on Social Media

   The Sheep murder mystery in Niali area is still now in darks. Nobody knows about the truth . Some says its a mysterious animal with human face and kangaroo body, some says its a jackal and some says it is the work of a psycho human being. But no one knows the actual truth. Not even the police. They are doing patrolling and took many steps to catch that mysterious creature but still their hands are empty. No one has the answer about this case, Neither government nor police. The killer not only kills the sheep but also steals their liver and leaves the rest of the body. In this case a fake photo of this so called and believed mysterious creature is now getting viral in social media. So many mythical photos and videos now we are watching but non of these have any truth. Now some people came with allegation that the mysterious creature tried to attack them. So people of that area are scared for this reason.

And now a video get viral with a man saying that he is killing sheep for money and exporting their liver for 1cr/1 piece. Watch this video to know more about that person.

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