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Khudurukuni Osha Image, PDF Book Download, Real Story Puja Bahi Gita Video Song With Lyrics

Khudurukuni Osha Real Story
      This festive is known as Khudurukuni or Khuda-rankuni. It means a girl begging for food. This festive is observed by unmarried girls. They do puja and fasting for their brother's wealth, prosperity and safety. In Bhadraba month every sunday this puja is held. In morning girls do " Balunka puja". They create a idol in sand and worship that in morning and in evening they worship idol of Maa Khudurukuni and sing the khudurukuni song. Girls of same locality or friends meet at one place in evening and prepare for this puja.
    The story behind this fest is a girl named as Tapoyi had 7 brothers. She was the youngest one. She had 7 sisters-in-law too. Being one girl child in family she was too much pampered. But her fate was turned when her father and mother left the world. After that her brothers left home for doing business and trading by leaving her with her sisters-in -law. After this 7 sisters-in-law torchered her so much and didn't give food to eat. Only her youngest sister-in-law was kind to her. This continues untill Tapoyi worshiped Maa Mangala for her brothers to come back. Because 12 years before they went and there was no sign of them. Tapoyi was worried about her brothers and worshiped Maa mangala for her brothers safety. After this her brother came and punished her 6 sisters-in-law and took care of her as before. In the end every one came to know that Tapoyi was a angel and born in earth as Tapoyi. They regret and from that day Tapoyi is worshiped as Khudurukuni. As she did puja for her brother to come back so this day girls do worship by seeking their brother's prosperity.

Khudurukuni Osha Image

Khudurukuni Osha Video Song
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