Happy Vishwakarma Puja Odia Photo | Biswakarma God Status

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This day is also called Vishwakarma day. This day is dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma, who is a divine architect. He is the creator. He is known as a carpenter as in Veda he is described as the creator of weapons for God and Goddess. This day is celebrated in factories, mines, Shops, and mechanical institutions. They pray for a better future, profit, and safe working conditions. The special idol of Vishwakarma is installed on the floor of the worshiped area and All members gather and offer puja and pray for themselves. This day is usually celebrated in September-October. This year Vishwakarma puja is on the 17th of September.

Biswakarma Puja 2022 Date in Odia Calendar - Saturday, 17 September.

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Odia Image

Happy Vishwakarma Puja Odia Image

God Biswakarama Wish touch here Odia Image

happy Biswakarma Puja touch here Odia image

Biswakarma Puja 2022 Odia Photo, Status Video

Biswakarma Puja 2022 Odia Photo

happy vishwakarma puja Odia image

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