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Who is that Boy ? Slapped by Bride A marriage video getting viral in social media now

A marriage video getting viral in social media now. In this video both bride and groom exchanging garland scene is there. As like ordinary marriage everyone wanted to make fun and enjoy event. So to make this garland exchanging event special, funny and enjoyable , a friend of groom lifted the groom. So the bride could not exchange garland. Everyone was watching and enjoying this moment. But suddenly bride's brother in law came and lifted her so that she could exchange the garland with her groom. The couple exchanged and after the denouement suddenly bride slapped her brother in law in front of everyone. And there is a small argument between them and the brother in law slapped a lady who stood behind the bride and went out from the Pandal or Mandap. Now its come to know that , the lady was the sister of that bride. 

                            This is the whole scene in that viral video watch now.

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