[PDF] 2023 Official Odisha Govt Calendar Download ( Printable Holiday List )

Odisha government calendar 2022 pdf

Odia Government Calendar 2023 PDF

Official latter PDF format checks below link for download.

   Here is the official Odisha Government Holiday list 2023  with the high-quality pdf file. The State government employees in Bhubaneswar and outside the capital city of Odisha shall observe the following list of holidays. Kindly download, print and share this link with your office staff and friends which is very helpful for them also.

Odisha Govt Calendar 2023 PDF Download

odisha government calendar 2022 download

Odisha Govt Calendar 2022 PDF, Odia Government Holiday List

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Odisha Government Calendar 2023 with Holiday List

Date Name of the Festival Date as per Saka Era Day of the Week
14-Jan Makar Sankranti Pausa-24 Friday
26-Jan Republic Day Magha-6 Wednesday
05-Feb Basant Panchami Magha-16 Saturday
1-March Maha Shivaratri Phalguna-10 Tuesday
05 March Panchayati Raj Divas Phalguna-14 Saturday
18 March Dola Purnima Phalguna-27 Friday
19 March Holi Phalguna-28 Saturday
1 April Utkal Divas Chaitra-11 Friday
14 April Maha Vishuva Sankranti/ Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanti Chaitra-24 Thursady
15 April Good Friday Chaitra-25 Friday
3 May Id-ul-Fitre Baisakha-13 Tuesday
16 May Budha Purnimal Baisakha-26 Monday
30 May Sabitri Amabasya Jyestha-09 Monday
14 June Pahili Raja Jyestha-24 Tuesday
15 june Raja Sankranti Jyestha-25 Wednesday
1 July Ratha Yatra Ashadha-10 Friday
9 August Muharram Shravana-18 Tuesday
11 August Jhulana Purnima Shravana-20 Thursady
15 August Independence Day Shravana-24 Monday
18 August Janmastami Shravana-27 Thursady
31 August Ganesh Puja Bhadra-09 Wednesday
1 September Nua Khai Bhadra-10 Thursady
3 October Maha Astami Ashwina-11 Monday
4 October Maha Navami Ashwina-12 Tuesday
5 October Vijaya Dashami Ashwina-13 Wednesday
24 October Kali Puja / Diwali Kartika-02 Monday
8 November Rahasa Purnima Kartika-17 Tuesday

List of optional holidays for the State Govt employees for the Calendar Year 2022

Date Name of the Festival Date as per Saka Era Day of the Week
25 January Foundation Day of Bramho Samaj Magha-05 Tuesday
16 April Easter Saturday Chaitra-26 Saturday
27 April Shabe-E-Quadar Baisakha-07 Wednesday
2 November Anala Navami Kartika-11 Wednesday
16 November Prathamastami Kartika-25 Wednesday

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This new Odisha govt calendar is for PC, smartphone, tablet users which is in PDF format for our Odia. Just download the above link and you will get details about Odisha public holiday and optional holiday. Thank q for visiting our page, wish you a happy new year.

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