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Surya Parag time today in Odisha 2020 Solar Eclipse Samay Grahan Date Timing Puja Vidhi Details

      Solar eclipse (Surya Paraga) set to take place on 21st June of 2020. In this year we had 3 Eclipses till now but all caused due to shadow of the Moon. But this solar eclipse is very special as the Moon will totally go through the Sun and the Earth this time.
Usually the Sun looks like a fire ball but on this day it will look like a fire ring as the middle part of the Sun will be covering by the Moon completely. The Moon will cover approximately 98.8 percentage of the Sun so that in most places people will see darkness in the day time. This will be seen in all over the country. After 1995 this is the second time when we are going to experience again this kind of eclipse. Don't watch this solar eclipse in bare eyes it will affect the eye sight. Better to watch through telescope or special black glasses.
This eclipse effect is more because within 30 days interval of time 3 Eclipses are happening. One on 5th June(lunar eclipse), 2nd on 21st June(solar eclipse) and 3rd is on 5th July(lunar eclipse). Lunar eclipses will not be visible to our country.
surya grahan time odisha
Surya Grahan Time in Odisha

Below are the timings of Solar Eclipse (Surya Parag) 2020 in Odisha:
Start time  : 10:38:10 am
Middle time : 12:24:00 pm
End time.   : 02:09:31 pm
Total time of solar eclipse: 3:31:21 hrs.
Surya Grahan timing in Odisha.

From 20/06/2020(Saturday) 10:38:00 pm to till 21/06/2020(Sunday) 02:10:00 pm cooking and worshiping God will be prohibited.

Below is the affect of Solar eclipse on all zodiac signs:

Zodiac signs which will be get benefited by health and wealth for this solar eclipse are-  Aries(Mesha), Taurus(Brusa), Leo(Singha), Capricorn(Makara), Aquarius(Kumbha), Pisces (Mina).
For all other zodiac signs this solar eclipse is not good

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