Ollywood Actor Sritam Das Found Corona Positive During Shooting

  Corona is spreading rapidly in ollywood industry. Previously comedian Gudu, Odia tele actress Munmun and many more got affected by this virus but now actor Sritam Das detected with this pandemic virus. He was busy in his upcoming movie shooting when he got affected. He tweeted about this news.

     He is in home isolation. He advised everyone to be careful for this virus. The actor and actress in the shooting set who came to contact with him test themselves for corona.

In this movie Sritam Das is not only working as an actor but also he is directing the movie. In the name of lord Jagannath this movie is going to be made. In this movie the power of lord Jagannath would be showcased. Akash Nayak, Prakruti Mishra and Uswashi Mishra is also there in this movie. In the starting time only Sritam Das got detected so its a great impact on the movie as well as on the co-stars. 

   Through tweet Sritam Das mentioned about his condition and informed about the absence of him for some days in the shooting set. All people are sending there good wishes to Sritam Das and expecting his quick recovery.

 The step taken by Sritam Das is great as he is taking all the precaution measures and as well as he is making alert to his co-stars.

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