Mr Dolu Comedy Passed Away Today - Death News Going Viral in Social Media


dolu comedy death news

‘Dolu', Comedian, Youtuber and a well-known figure in western Odisha, is no more in this world. His full name is Dolamani Das. He was electrocuted yesterday. The incident took place while the cooler was being repaired by him at home. He was severely injured.  From there he was taken to Jharsuguda hospital. At 10 o'clock in the night the doctor announced his death. The 29 years old comedian has cast a shadow of mourning over the people.

He made a name for himself by opening a YouTube channel called ‘Mr. Dolu Comedy’. He knew the art of making people laugh. In 2015, he created the YouTube channel Through his comedy he was able to win the hearts of the audience. He was the beloved one  of the people of Sambalpur. 

The whole western Odisha is now mourning on the news of his death. Pray to God for the soul. The death news of Golu is going viral in Social Media.

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