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About Maa Tarini Dukha Harini,Ghatgaon Tarini Photo Gallery

About Maa Tarini
      Maa Tarini is very famous and widely worshiped in Odisha. The Maa Tarini temple is in Ghatgaon (Kendujhar). There is a belief that if you give coconut and make wish then that will be fulfilled by Maa Tarini as Maa fond of coconut very much. Besides coconut, Hibiscus (red color), red bangles are also offered to Maa to make her satisfy. Maa Tarini is the symbol of sakti (power).
     The idol of deity is little different from other deities. The idol made up of only one stone (only face) with 2 eyes and nose and tilak in it. The face is red colored and slightly tilted to one side. From the very beginning the idol is like this and worshiped like this.
     There is a folk tale behind this temple. After kanchi war the King of Kalinga Purusottam Dev wanted to take Maa Tarini to his place. He gave this responsibility to his Senapati (general) Govinda Bhanja. He asked Maa for the permission to take. Maa accept his request with one condition that on his way she will follow him unless and until he looks back. If he looks back then Maa will not move from that place. He agreed with this. Then the journey started. The hoof sound of Maa’s horse is audible trough out the journey. But in the forest of Kendujhar Govinda Bhanja could not hear that sound. To become confirmed about Maa he looked back and that place the deity becomes a stone under a tree in Ghatgaon (present name of the place). This is the story about 1480. From that day she is worshiped in that place.
      Where ever you are in Odisha if you are giving coconut for Maa Tarini to any bus, he will never refuse for it. And your offers will reach to the place. This is a strange but true thing because of the belief and love of the people for Maa Tarini.
      Two famous festivals observe in Ghatgaon. One is Chaiti festival and another is Ashaadhi festival. Chaiti festival observes in Pana Sankaranti every year and this longs for 7days. Every day Maa adorns with gold ornaments and special puja are done at this time, like yagya, mangal alati etc. Ashaadhi observes in Ashaadha maasa (Rainy season in the time between June-July) last Thursday. This day Maa does fast for whole day for her devotees. So that day the temple remains close for whole day and in the evening Maa gives Darshan in Suna Besha(adorn with gold).
Maa Tarini Photo

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