Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kindi Nagio Je Odia Comedy Video of Sabyasachi, Elina

   Kindi Nagio Je is the most phrase, used by people of Berhampur, Odisha right now, The phrase has been viral rounds a month ago, the line has become popular among all young and old age communities everywhere. Now Odia actor Sabyasachi Mishra is using in a video when he was promoting a video of Tokata Fasigala Odia movie.

Watch the video in below link.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Big Disclosed on Actor Pintu Nanda Marriage Life, Wife Family Photo, Wiki, Biography

Personal Profile:
Name : Pintu Nanda
Profession : Actor,Producer
Date of Birth (Age) : 7 july 1977 (41)
Place of birth : Jagatsinghpur,Odisha
Profession : Actor,Producer
Marital Status - Married
Upcoming Movie- Prema Pain Mahabharat

       Pintu Nanda is a well known name in Ollywood Industry. He played almost all types of characters on silver screen. He made all types experiments on his character in reel life. Whether that is a positive , negative or a very short character , he always represent himself in a very different way and give life in that character by his role play. However people always apreciate his play in negative role. He is now busy in his shootings of his upcoming movie "Prema Pae Mahabharat". He is playing negative character in this movie. Today on his birthday before reporter Sriram Roy he reveled the story behind his marriage. Lets watch this video to know about the secrete behind his marriage , whether that is loved one or arranged one.

Pintu Nanda Family Pic with Wife

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Again a Love Birds From Ganjam Pray for Help on Social Media

    Some days before one love bird couple share their love story in social media begging for help. After this case now a new case came. A new video of a couple getting viral today. In this video one girl is saying that she is 19 years old, her name is Priyanka Panighahi and her father's name Soumya Kumar Panigrahi. She is from village Baula, Ganjam, Odisha. And she married to Prahalada Sethi of same village. In this video both boy and girl are there but only that girl is stating and begging help from social media. She is saying to their family through this video that they are living very happily after marriage and no need to search them. If any problem create for them then they will commit suicide.

Watch the Full Video


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bhoomika Das Told About Her Upcoming Film with Anubhav Mohanty in an interview

   Ollywood production house "Tarang Cine Production" launched actress Bhumika Dash as lead actress for two times. And for these two she showed her acting talent and became popular among the Ollywood stars. But in this year on Raja occasion Tarang Cine Banner produced two movies. In "Sundargarh ra Salman Khan" New comer Dibyaa got chance against Babusan Mohanty. So everyone's eye was on Anubhav's movie, would Bhumika share screen with Anubhav or not? But in Anubhav's movie "Prem Kumar" Shivani Sangita and Tamanna  Bhat got chance to act with him. So what is the comment of Bhumika on this topic, would she come with Anubav Mohanty on silver screen or not, Lets see.

Watch the video what Bhumika Dash said about this question of an audience when a live interview of Sriram Ray. 

          Kindly Comment on below link what you think about Anubhav anda Bhumika on silver screen or not?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Who is that Boy ? Slapped by Bride A marriage video getting viral in social media now

A marriage video getting viral in social media now. In this video both bride and groom exchanging garland scene is there. As like ordinary marriage everyone wanted to make fun and enjoy event. So to make this garland exchanging event special, funny and enjoyable , a friend of groom lifted the groom. So the bride could not exchange garland. Everyone was watching and enjoying this moment. But suddenly bride's brother in law came and lifted her so that she could exchange the garland with her groom. The couple exchanged and after the denouement suddenly bride slapped her brother in law in front of everyone. And there is a small argument between them and the brother in law slapped a lady who stood behind the bride and went out from the Pandal or Mandap. Now its come to know that , the lady was the sister of that bride. 

                            This is the whole scene in that viral video watch now.


Sarthak Music New Upcoming Movie song Maya re Baya Dance Video by Tiger Shroff

 Sarthak Music's upcoming movie "Tokata Phasigala" going to release on this Ratha Yatra occasion. A song of this movie becomes super hit now. "This is Maya Re Baya", this song credits immense popularity in social media. The voice of Papu Pom Pom and Sabyasachi Mishra, music composion by Baidyanath Dash made this magic. Different type of fans made their own video on this song and share on Facebook. You will be shocked, Bollywood Dancing Superstar Tiger Shroff was praised this song and requested everyone to watch this. Not only that he stepped in on this Odia song 'Maya re Baya'. Watch full video of this song on below.

Tiger Shroff  'Maya re Baya' Dance Video
For more video click below link

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Shivani Sangita Odia Actress HD image, Age, Affairs, Biography, Wiki Details

  Shivani Sangita is one of the youngest and brightest shinning star in Ollywood sky now. She is not even 18 now, however her acting ability doesn't seem like so young. She started her acting career in a very young age, at the age of 6. Her acting career starts with "Utaradayi", Odia mega serial, which was telecasted on OTV. After that she worked in Serial "Devi" as a divine power. As child artist her Ollywood debut movie was "Mita Re Mita". She also acted in movies like "Pahili Rajo" and "Good boy" . But as a lead actress her debut movie is "Sister Sridevi" along side Babusan Mohanty. Shivani got extreme popularity in Odia industries just for “Sister Sridevi”. She has so many movie offers now. Shivani is one in every of the nice student and conjointly terribly sincere for studies. She is studying in college and continuing her +2. Her hobbies are Shopping, Dancing, Travelling. Her favorite foods are chilly paneer, paneer manchurian, paneer lollipop. Inspite of her acting she is a good singer. She loves to sing. Her favorite Ollywood hero is Babusan Mohanty, with whom she acted in her debut movie. As per her, She wants to work with all actors not like other actress who likes to work with some particular one. Her favorite character in serial was "Devi", in Devi serial. According to her whether the story is dubbed one or new one , justification needed and entertainment needed. Her first experience to face the camera was with her grand mother(mother's mother). It was a Pepsi ad in which is acted. From that day to till date she is active before camera. It was the dream of her grand mother to see her as an lead and successful actress. In childhood she had dream to become Miss World.

Shivani Sangita Upcoming Movie- Prem Kumar (2018)

Shivani Sangita HD Real Life Photo

Odia Child Actress Shivani

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