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[PDF] 2020 Official Odisha Govt Calendar Download ( Printable Holiday List )

   Here is the official Odisha Government Holiday list 2020 and 2019 with high quality pdf file. The State government employees in Bhubaneswar and outside the capital city of Odisha shall observe the following list of holidays. Kindly download, print and share this link to your office staff and friends which is very helpful for them also.

Download Link-

Odisha Govt Calendar 2020 PDF Normal Quality - Download Now 

Odisha Government Calendar 2020 High Printable Quality - Download

This new Odisha govt calendar is for PC, smart phone, tablet users which is in pdf format for our Odia .Just download the above link and you will get details about Odisha public holiday and optional holiday. Thank q for visit our page, wish you a happy new year.

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  1. The popular part of this type of calendars is the most enlarged numbers and printable, which are actually visible easily even by large distance. The printable calendars make that easy for anyone to buy those things in free of cost. The printable calendars 2021 are the templated pages for the best holiday’s reviews.

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