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[PDF] Download Odia Calendar 2020, Rasiphala, Odisha Panji Panjika, Daily Horoscope

Structure of Odisha Calendar
The first month in Odia Calendar is Baisakha and the last is Chaitra. The names of the months as per Odia Calendar are as follows:
(1) Baisakha 
(2) Jyestha
(3) Ashadha 
(4) Srabana 
(5) Bhadraba 
(6) Aswina 
(7) Kartika 
(8) Margasira 
(9) Pausha 
(10) Magha 
(11) Phalguna 
(12) Chaitra

download odia panji panjika calendar 2020

   There are several type of Odia Calendar 2020 used in Odisha. Here the Odia Calendar 2020 pdf, Rasiphala and Odisha Panji Panjika is here with all festival dates. Some popular Odia calender 2020 in Odisha are listed below. Download Odisha calendar 2020 in high quality image photo and pdf file.

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