Olywood Singer Tapu Mishra Passes Away Due To Post Covid -19

tapu mishra death news

  Tapu Mishra, a well-known vocalist from Odisha, died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar on Saturday night. Tapu breathed her last breath after 24 days of hospital treatment. She was first diagnosed with coronary heart disease and hospitalized. Although Covid-19 later became negative, her lungs infection continued and her health remained critical. She was admitted to a private hospital on May 20 with coronary heart disease. But as her health did not improve, She was transferred to Sum Covid Hospital. After a few days of treatment there, She was released from the coronation and her test report came out negative. But it was reported that 75 percent of her lungs were infected with coronary artery disease. On 19 June 2021 at time 11.00 pm we got this saddest news, Tapu Mishra death news, from hospital. Although everyone prayed for her quick recovery but the destiny was different. She her beloved father because of covid in May 2021 and in this month due to the same virus she lost her life.  

Tapu Mishra's Dead Body Reaches Home.

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She got married before 2years and everything in her life was quite well and sorted. Look out this video to know more about Tapu Mishra personal life.  


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