Ram Odia Movie Cast, Release Date, Trailer Reaction, Review, Budget

In the world of cinema, few names command as much admiration and attention as Arindam Roy. Known for his exceptional acting prowess and choice of diverse roles, Arindam Roy has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years in Ollywood. As fans eagerly await his upcoming film in 2023 “Ram,” the excitement in the air is palpable. In this blog post, we delve into the anticipation surrounding Arindam Roy’s next movie Ram star cast, crew, heroine name, poster, release date, trailer, shooting set photo, video, song, reaction, review, rating, budget, collection, and many more., exploring what makes this movie a must-watch for fans and cinephiles alike.


Ratna Films banner’s fourth gift is the upcoming new movie starring and sponsored by Mega Superstar Arindam Roy, which is set to release in dozens of releases. The enthusiasm in the minds of the audience is increasing due to the leaked photos of the shooting sets of the film ‘Ram’. Bhardwaj Panda’s script and Ashok Pati’s direction must make Dasherra Bazar more active. Read below full star cast details of Ram Odia & Bengali Movie.

Movie NameRam (20230
LangaugeOdia, and Bangali
BannerRatna Films
StoryArindam Roy
ProducerArindam Roy
DirectorAshok Pati
Star CastArindam Roy & Rupsha
DOPSubrat Kumar Khatoii
Screen PlayBhardwaj Panda
Diologue PlayDialogue Play
Music DirectorAsad Nizam & Lincon
Release DateDasherra 2023
Heroine NameRupsha Mukhopadhyay (Bengali)
Ram Odia & Bangali Movie Star Cast & Crew

Release Date

After the 2 years of interval, Arindam comes to meet the audience in the form of ‘Ram’ and creates excitement in all the halls. Ram” promises to be a game-changer for both Arindam Roy and his fans. Ram (2023) movie will be released in Dasherra 2023 in both Odia & Bengali languages.


The poster of ‘RAM’ is a masterful blend of visual elements that evoke a sense of mystery and anticipation. Against a backdrop of shadow and light, we see the silhouette of Arindam Roy’s character, Ram, standing amidst an ethereal landscape. The use of contrasting colors—dark blues and stark whites—creates a surreal atmosphere that hints at the psychological depth of the film’s narrative.

Ram Odia movie poster Arindam Roy

Ram Odia Movie Trailer

Trailer Review / Reaction

From the very first frame, the trailer sets a mood that is both enigmatic and alluring. The dimly lit scenes and the haunting background score immediately signal that “Ram” is no ordinary film. The snippets of Roy’s character, Ram, navigating through a labyrinth of his own thoughts and memories, give us a tantalizing glimpse into the psychological depths the movie is set to explore.

Ram Odia movie trailer reaction

The trailer of “Ram” has undoubtedly achieved its purpose: it has left us yearning for more. There is huge positive review and comments seen on social media about the Ram movie teaser. If you want to give a review and reaction to Ram movie then visit below rating box.

Budget /Collection

We will update more details of the total budget of Arindam Roy’s new movie Ram’s budget and box office collection after the movie is released in theaters.

Ram Odia Movie IMDb rating

The IMDb rating of Arindam Roy’s upcoming movie Ram will be updated after the movie’s release. Please rate the trailer of the Odia movie Ram in the rating table.

Reviews/ Rating

Watch the trailer and teaser of the Odia movie Ram and give your valuable reaction review and comments below. Your review and rating are very important to other Odia movie fans.

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