Human Sagar Father Death News: Ravi Chandra Sagar Passed Away Due To Covid 19 at 61

Human Sagar Father Name News

   Again in Ollywood, one after another, only bad news is coming from the world of Odia film industry and now corona arrives at Odisha's number one playback of singer Human Sagar's house. This sad news came down a few days ago. A few days later, Ravi Chandra Sagar, the father of Human Sagar, was admitted to Bhimsar Hospital in Burla after being affected by corona. Human Sagar loved him so much. Humane Sagar father, late Mr. Ravi Chandra Sagar, was also a teacher. People would be surprised to know that his father was the first teacher of Human Sagar in music. His father used to sing in all India radio stations when Human Sagar was a child. His father was a musician and lyricist. As a child, Human Sagar was inspired by his father and chose music as his career, but now is the saddest day of Human Sagar's life, when his father fought in the corona war and lost his life. Human Sagar father Late Ravi Chandra Sagar, has passed away at the age of 61. Pray to Lord Jagannath for his father’s divine soul.

Human Sagar Father Name : (Late) Ravi Chandra Sagar (Age 61)

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