Babusan Mohanty Wife Name, Marriage Reception Photo Video

In this blog, you can learn about Actor Babushan Mohanty’s recent family photo, wife’s name & son’s photo with grandfather Uttam Mohanty & Aparajita Mohanty.


Babusan Mohanty is a prominent name in the Odia film industry, known for his acting prowess and charming on-screen presence. While fans admire him for his versatile roles, there’s more to the actor than what meets the eye. In this blog, we’ll delve into the life of Babusan Mohanty, focusing on his wife and son, and shedding light on the family behind the superstar.

Babusan Mohanty’s Early Life and Career

Before we dive into his family life, let’s take a brief look at Babusan Mohanty’s background and career. Born on July 30, 1989, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Babusan ventured into the film industry at a young age and quickly made a name for himself as a talented actor. His journey from his debut film “Romeo – The Lover Boy” to becoming a leading Odia actor is nothing short of remarkable.

Meet Babusan Mohanty’s Wife – Trupti Satapathy

Babusan Mohanty is a family man, and at the center of his world is his wife, Trupti Satapathy. Trupti, an Odia actress herself, has been a constant source of support and love for Babusan. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends, keeping their relationship largely out of the media glare. Their love story is an inspiration to many, showcasing the strength of their bond in the face of a challenging industry.

Trupti Satapathy has not acted in films yet. Her dedication to her craft and her supportive nature make her an ideal partner for Babusan. Together, they make a beautiful couple, both on and off the screen.

Ollywood star Babusan tied the knot with Trupti Satpathy on 6th July 2014 in Mayfair privately and out of the reach of media in a very simple way. Trupti is the only daughter of businessman Lalit Satapathy, who resides in the Satya Nagar area, of Bhubaneswar. Both Babusan and Trupti were in the same school and started liking each other from there. They studied together in DAV public school, unit -8, Bhubaneswar. As they grew up their love also grew up with them. They had a 5year relationship. They never revealed their love story in front of the media or anyone. Maybe they had waited for a perfect time as in our society love marriage is not that easy to convince family. But they did all and succeeded in getting approval from parents. They married in a very simple way hiding themselves from the media. Only before family and close relatives do they tie in the knot of marriage and become life partners for a lifetime. The 2nd inning of their love story began after their marriage. They live very simple and happy lives and are always far away from the media which may be the secret of their love success.

Babusan Mohanty’s Real Wife’s Name is Trupti Satpathy.

Babushan Real Wife Photo


Family Values and the Entertainment Industry

Navigating the entertainment industry can be challenging, especially for a family. Babusan Mohanty and his wife Trupti Satapathy have managed to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives, which serves as a testament to their commitment to family values. Their ability to keep their family life relatively private while flourishing in the spotlight is commendable. grandfather Uttam Mohanty & Aparajita Mohanty gave valuable time to their grandson.

Babushan Mohanty Marriage Reception

Babusan Mohanty’s marriage to Trupti Satapathy is a beautiful testament to love, commitment, and tradition. While the actor has captured the hearts of audiences with his captivating performances on screen, his real-life love story with Trupti is equally captivating. Their decision to keep their wedding private and steeped in tradition reflects their values and priorities. As they continue their journey together, we can only hope that their love story remains as enchanting as the movies they star in, creating a beautiful tale of love and togetherness. We will upload Babushan Mohanty’s marriage reception photo video soon. Happy wedding day to actor Babusan.


Babusan Mohanty, the celebrated Odia actor, is not only a talented performer but also a devoted husband and father. His wife, Trupti Satapathy, and son, Brata Mohanty, are the pillars of strength in his life. Their family values and love for each other serve as an inspiration to many in the entertainment industry. As Babusan continues to entertain audiences with his on-screen presence, we can be certain that his family will remain the foundation of his success and happiness.

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