Dasama Odia Movie: Songs, Cast, Reviews, Budget & Collection

Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey that promises a unique blend of storytelling, music, and stellar performances? “Dasama,” the first Odia musical film, is set to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and soul-stirring songs. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of “Dasama,” exploring its star cast, crew, rating, reviews, budget, and collection, providing you with an in-depth look at this cinematic masterpiece.

Cast/ Crew

The heart and soul of any film lie in its cast, and “Dasama” boasts an ensemble that brings characters to life with authenticity and flair. The movie features Sailendra, Armaan, Xonty, Odia Toka (Akash Hota), Funny Pratik, Jyoti Ranjan Rout, Jyoti, Sushant, Susanta, Ripan, Nilakhi, Mira, Lopamudra, Simran, Manisha, Rakhi, Rabi Mishra, Uditguru, Suman Pattnaik, Santu Nije, Bapi, Sovan, Dipa, and Satoj (Sipun). Each actor contributes to the tapestry of the film, weaving together a captivating cinematic experience.

Behind the Scenes

Behind every successful film is a team of talented individuals who work tirelessly to bring the director’s vision to life. “Dasama” is directed by Raja D, with a screenplay and dialogue crafted by Kumarshree Sahoo and additional dialogue by B Uttamkumar. The cinematography, handled by Biswajit Kuldi and Divyalok Sinha, captures the essence of the story, while the film editing by Kd Sipun ensures a seamless flow. The teaser and trailer, edited by Biswajit Paitol, build anticipation for the cinematic spectacle


Being the first Odia musical film, “Dasama” promises a melodic treat for the audience. The music, composed by Gaurav Ananda, Anurag Pattanaik, Preet Priyo, Subrat Behera, Sandeep Panda, and Subhrajit Mohanty, is set to be a highlight. With lyrics penned by Ranjan Nayak, Preet Priyo, Rakesh Dash, Kumarshree Sahoo, JP Wordsmith, Sandeep Panda, Tapu Nayak, and Soumya Ranjan Panda, the songs are sure to resonate with the audience.

The Cinematic Experience

As the first Odia musical film, “Dasama” holds the promise of a unique cinematic experience. The teaser, which received an overwhelming response, provides a glimpse into the world created by director Raja D. The cast’s performances, coupled with the captivating music, make “Dasama” a must-watch for cinephiles and music enthusiasts alike.

dasama odia movie release date

Release Date and Shooting Insights

“Dasama” was officially announced on January 4th, creating a buzz among cinephiles eagerly awaiting its release. The film’s shooting set, with its vibrant and engaging scenes, adds to the anticipation. The movie’s release date, poster, and trailer have set the stage for what promises to be a blockbuster in the Odia film industry.

Critical Acclaim and Reviews

While anticipation builds around the release, it’s essential to explore early reviews and critical acclaim. The blog will delve into the initial reactions, the film’s IMDb rating, and insights into audience reactions. From the performances to the storyline, every aspect will be scrutinized to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the film’s reception.

Budget and Collection Analysis

Understanding the financial aspects of a film is crucial in gauging its success. “Dasama” comes with expectations, and we will explore the budget allocated for its production. Additionally, we will delve into the film’s box office collection, offering insights into its commercial success.

In the upcoming sections of this blog series, we will dissect each element, providing a comprehensive guide to “Dasama.” Stay tuned for detailed reviews, song analyses, and a closer look at the cast’s performances. As we prepare to immerse ourselves in the world of “Dasama,” let the countdown begin for the cinematic extravaganza that is set to leave a lasting impression on Odia cinema.

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