Guruji Namaskar Odia Movie Song, Cast, Review, Budget, Collection

Guruji Namaskar is an upcoming Odia movie that is expected to be released in January 2024. The movie is directed by Jitendriya Pradhan and produced by Sanket Tripathy & the Undergrads and Lamel 18 banners. The movie is a drama that explores the relationship between a guru and his students.

Guruji Namaskar is going to be released on the big screen very soon. Its title and poster have been released yesterday (Tuesday). This movie is going to be made based on the close relationship between guru and disciple. So how in the stream of time have we forgotten this sacred bond? He has been revived through this movie.

An orthodox movie is going to be made based on the close relationship between guru and disciple. Its title and poster have been released in a hotel in Bhubaneswar yesterday. However, while the film is based on a basic story, it focuses on the story of how a teacher makes a difference in education through personal sacrifice. In which a rural teacher’s dedication to education, creativity, and family support are shown. Which builds a good relationship between students and teachers. And with the motivation of this relationship, the student will succeed one day. And his success set an example for the society one day.

Guruji Namaskar is an upcoming Odia movie

While the film is being made on the story of such a guru-disciple relationship, a beautiful tradition must be repeated in orthodox cinema, said actor and superstar Teriyao Mohapatra. While the movie was produced by The Undergrads and Lamel 18 banners, the screenplay and dialogues were written by Sanket Tripathi.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on the movie’s soundtrack, mp3 songs, cast details, insightful reviews, budget information, and box office collections. Join us on this thrilling cinematic journey as we explore the magic woven by “Guruji Namaskar.”

Production Cast Crew Details:

  • Production House: The Undergrads Production in association with LIMEL I8
  • Director: Jitendriya Pradhan
  • Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue: Sanket Tripathi
  • Creative Producer: Sarbeswar Sutar
  • Producer: Sanket Tripathi
  • Music: Abhijit Majumdar
  • Background Score: Ashesh Kumar Dash
  • Cinematography: Jyoti Ranjan Patra
  • Associate Producer: Ila Mishra
  • Assistant Director: Tukun
  • Art Director: Ajay Sutar
  • Sound Designer: Abhijit Senapati
  • VFX: Bittik Aar Naik

Chief Guests:

  1. Shri Siddhant Mohapatra
  2. Shri Daiytapati Bhawani Das Mohapatra

“Guruji Namaskar” explores the multifaceted aspects of education, art, and life in rural Odisha, promising a cinematic experience that resonates with the soul. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey!

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