Happy Raja 2024 Wishes Odia Photo, Status, Date & time in Odisha

Raja festival is to inaugurate and welcome the agricultural year all over Odisha. The moistening of the sun-dried soil with the first showers of the monsoon in mid-June prepares it for productivity. This is the festival to celebrate the menstruation of soil. We believe soil is our mother (female) who gives us food and life. So this is the festival of girls. this festival is to provide rest to the soil and girls.  

This festival lasts for 4 days. the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th of June. But 13th June is known as Raja Sajada Day (preparation day). As girls will not do any work during this and they will have various types of food to eat, so there is a preparation before this festival to gather all those things and comfort. Then comes the 1st day of Raja (14th June). It is called Pahili Raja (which means first Raja). 2nd day is called as Raja Sankranti or Mithuna Sankranti. 3rd is known as Baasi Raja and the last day is known as Basumati Snaana. During these 4 days, girls usually don’t do any household work. They rest, wear new costumes and jewelry, and swing (Doli). They eat various types of sweets and pithas, roam and play the whole day, sing and swing, and give pana(betel) to all relatives (Raja pana), a special type of betel for Raja festival with many types of masalas (spices). This festival is the festival of swing and singing song, “Raja doli kata mata.

Odia Raja Photo 2024 Download


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Paheli Raja Odia Picture SMS

    “Raja Pana Bhari Suada
    Akasa re Kala Bauda
    Barasake Thare Asichi Raja
    Megha Bajauchi Khusi Baida
    Happy Raja Sankranti!!!”
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Odia Raja Doli Photo Download

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