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Happy Rose Day 2023

Valentine’s week of love starts on the 7th of February 2022 and ends with Valentine’s day on the 14th of February, 2022. Rose day is the first day of Valentine’s week which is celebrated every year on the 7th of February. Rose Day falls on Sunday this year. Everywhere friends, lovers, and partners are getting ready to surprise their loved ones with wishes, gifts, cards, and much more to make this Valentine’s as special as they can. Valentine’s week is about romantic love, and Rose Day is a perfect example of this to start with. Love is just a sweet feeling; it can never be explained in words but only be expressed. This immortal feeling of love is just like a wind, that can only be felt but cannot be explained. So if you are experiencing such great feelings in your life, then try to open the door of your heart for that special someone who has filled your life with loads of love. 

As we all know Valentine’s week. It means you have a full week’s chance to impress your special one by putting some lovely and romantic effort towards them. Take advantage of this wonderful week and express whatever is there in your heart.
It is not just a day that is meant for love birds only; you can even give roses to your friends, best friends, or a close family member, Different colors of roses are associated with different meanings and emotions. 
Rose Color Meaning:
  • Red roses for sincerity, love, and respect -Red roses are an indication of love and given to each other to express love.
  • Yellow roses for friendship and joy- Yellow roses are an indication of friendship and are given to each other to make friends.
  • White roses for spirituality, love, and purity- White roses are the indication of peace and cleanliness and are given to each other to say sorry for any mistake.
  • Pink roses for grace and gentility- Pink roses are an indication of cheerfulness and are given to loved ones for their happiness.
  • Dark pink for love, gratitude, and appreciation- Dark pink roses are an indication of pleasure and appreciation and are given to loved ones to appreciate them. 
  • Purple roses are the indication of first-sight love and are given to the valentines to propose love at first sight.
  • Lavender roses for love at first sight- Lavender color symbolizes enchantment and also expresses one of the sweetest gestures of love at first sight..
  • Orange roses for passion, desire, and fascination- This color of roses is used to express desire, passion, and fervor.
  • Black Rose: Death, sadness, loss- This color of roses is very difficult to get but they symbolize hate, death, sadness, and all such negative vibes.
  • Green roses for life, abundant growth, and cheerfulness- Green roses symbolize best wishes to start a new phase of life.

Ideas for Partner feel Happy.

1) Surprises at the doorstep 

If you are not with your partner then don’t worry about it you can plan for something great. There are many florist portals that allow you to get the Rose Day gifts delivered to your desired place with complete ease, care, and accuracy. You can easily pick the perfect bunch, place your order and send it online wherever you want it to be. You can add some moments or special gifts or cards of your choice. your lover will sure to feel awesome about receiving such a pleasant surprise from your side. It will make your day whether you may or may not be aside.

2) Spend A Romantic Time 

Your time is the best gift for your special one. Take a break from your busy schedule of work and plan something special for your loved one. May not be a whole day but a couple of hours can be managed for the special one. Life is always busy, but Rose Day comes only once a year and no day can be better than this to showcase your feelings. So, try to spend a romantic time with the love of your life and tell them you will always be with them in every condition of life. 

3)Plan for A Candlelight Dinner

When it comes to celebration, then the first idea that strikes into mind is a perfect candlelight dinner. Start your search for the right restaurant and get it decorated. Try gifting your date a gorgeous bouquet of red roses on the way to dinner. Order the most romantic-sounding foods and a perfect cake for a perfect day.

4)Plan for a trip

It’s not about only one day it’s for a week, valentine’s week, so you can plan for a trip this week. so that all the day you can be together you can show your love and care to the special one. You can spend each and every moment with each other for this whole week. And moreover, it’s February, the best time to plan a trip. You can go to Goa or some hill stations or the place where you met first or the place you always dreamt to go. 

5)Decorate The Room With Roses and candles

Decorating the room with red petals of roses will make your partner feel thrilled. Before they reach home or the venue where you have invited them, decorate the room with lovely red roses and scented candles. Create a romantic aura with all these kinds of romantic stuff and gift some beautiful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.


Impress your lover with gold, diamond, or platinum gifts. it can be a ring or chain or a locket with a picture of both in it. Or else you can give a bracelet or anklets also. this gift is to make your partner feel happy and special and share some great moments.

 Rose Day Odia image
Happy Rose Day 2023 Photo
Happy Rose Day 2023 Odia Shayari

Happy Rose Day 2023 Odia Photo
Happy Rose Day 2023 Odia image shayari

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