Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 PDF Download Holiday List (Official)

In this blog, you can download the Odisha govt calendar 2024 PDF download, the Odisha government calendar 2024 with holidays list and festivals in PDF, JPG, and PNG format for mobile and desktop free download.

Odisha Govt Calendar 2024

The calendar also includes important information about the state government, such as the dates of the state assembly sessions and other important government meetings. It is an essential resource for those who work in the government sector or are interested in following the state’s political developments.

Overall, the Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 is a useful resource for anyone living in the state of Odisha. It helps people plan their schedules and stay up-to-date on the important events and holidays that are observed in the state. Downloading the calendar is easy and can be done in just a few clicks, so be sure to get your copy today!

Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 PDF, here you can get the Odisha Govt. calendar and Holidays List of 2022. So that you can download from the below link that will help you to update the holiday date. This calendar is available in PDF file also in image format and you can save it on your PC and mobile to get details every day. We request you kindly share this link with your friends and office staff so that they will get updated about the holidays.

Odisha govt calendar 2024 with holidays and festivals pdf download free

Odisha Government 2024 Holidays List

The state of Odisha, located in the eastern part of India, is known for its rich history and culture. Every year, the Odisha government releases a calendar with all the important holidays and festivals for the upcoming year. The calendar for 2024 is no exception, and it is already generating buzz among the citizens of Odisha.
The calendar includes all the major national holidays, such as Independence Day and Republic Day, as well as regional holidays like Raja Sankranti and Durga Puja. In addition, the calendar also lists all the important festivals celebrated in Odisha, such as the Rath Yatra and Konark Dance Festival.
The Odisha government has made sure to include all the relevant information about each holiday and festival in the calendar, including the dates and significance. This is particularly helpful for people who want to plan their vacations or make arrangements for family gatherings.
Overall, the Odisha government calendar for 2024 with its holidays list and festivals is a valuable resource for anyone living in or visiting Odisha. It not only helps people keep track of important dates but also provides insight into the diverse cultural heritage of the state.

S/NName of The FestivalDateAs per SakaEraDay
1Makar Sankranti15 January 24Pausa-25Monday
2Subash Bose Jayanti23 January 24Magha-3Tuesday
3Republic Day26 January 24Magha-6Friday
4Basanta Panchami14 February 24Magha-25Wednesday
5Panchayati Raj Divas05 March 24PhaIguna-15Tuesday
6Maha Shivaratri08 March 24PhaIguna-18Friday
7Dola Purnima25 March 24Chaitra-5Monday
8Holi26 March 24Chaitra-6Tuesday
9Good Friday29 March 24Chaitra-9Friday
10Utkal Divas01 April 24Chaitra-12Monday
11Id-uI-Fitre11 April 24Chaitra-22Thursday
12Ram Navami17 April 24Chaitra-28Wednesday
13Budha Purnima23 May 24Jyestha-2Thursday
14Sabitri Amabasya06 June 24Jyestha-16Thursday
15Pahili Raja14-06-2024Jyestha-24Friday
16Raja Sankranti15-06-2024Jyestha-25Saturday
19Independence Day15-08-2024Shrabana-24Thursday
20Jhulana Purnima19-08-2024Shrabana-28Monday
22Ganesh Puja07-09-2024Bhadra-16Saturday
23Birthday of Muhammad16-09-2024Bhadra-25Monday
24Gandhi Jayanti/Mohalaya02-10-2024Ashwina-10Wednesday
Odisha govt calendar 2024 with holidays and festivals.
odisha govt calendar 2024 pdf download

Odisha Govt Optional Holiday List 2024

It is important to note that optional holidays are not mandatory, and employers have the discretion to offer them to their employees. However, the government encourages employers to grant these optional holidays to their employees as a way to respect and promote the cultural diversity of the state.

Overall, the release of the optional holiday list is a positive step towards recognizing and celebrating the diverse cultures and religions that make up the state of Odisha.

List of optional holidays for the State Govt. employees for the Calendar Year 2024, SakaEra,1944-1945

SI. No.Name of the FestivalDateDate as per Saka EraDay of the Week
”The State Government employees may avail one optional holiday on any of the festive occasion/commemorative days listed above.

The following festivals which are generally declared as optional holidays fall on Sunday/4th Saturday during the Calendar Year- 2024 Saka Era,1945-46

Sl/NoName of the FestivalDateDate as per Saka EraDay of the Week

Download Odisha Govt Calendar 2024 PDF

The Odisha Government has recently released its calendar for the year 2024. The calendar is available in a PDF format, which can be easily downloaded from our website. This govt calendar contains all the important dates and holidays that are observed in the state Government of Odisha. It includes the dates of festivals, public holidays, and important events that are celebrated in the state of Odisha.

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