Ollywood Actor Sritam Das Cooks Food for Needy People during Lockdown


Sritam Das Joins Ram krishna young club, Cuttack Which Provides Food To Needy People Amid Pandemic

 The number
of covid cases in Cuttack is increasing day by day. In this conditions  actor Sritam Das visited slum people and
spread awareness for covid. Sritam Das said,” Only if we follow the rules of the
government ,we can get out of the lockdown”. The number of rickshaw
pullers is declining. And they are working as a daily workers. He visited their
homes. Distributed grocery for 1month and gave all kind of support and
assurance. He also spread the awareness for taking vaccination immediately. Till
his last breath he will serve for man kind ,Sritam Das promised. Watch the full video.

Ollywood Actor Sritam Das Cooks Food Himself for poor People 

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