Sabitri Brata 2024 Puja Vidhi Book PDF, Photo, Status, Date

Savitri Brata Katha 2022:-

   Savitri Brata is the puja in which wives do fasting for the long and healthy life of their husband. There is a story behind this fest. there was a holy woman named Saabtri. She knew the day of death of her husband, Satyabana. So she started doing fast for her husband. When Yamraj came to take life of Satyabana, Sabitri came in front of yamraj and prayed him to leave her husband’s life. Yamraj denied by saying that what ever blessing you want you can ask but  don’t come in between my job. After argument at last Yamraj surrendered and left back her husband’s life.

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  All Hindu women observe this festival by worshiping Devi Sabitri. This day is observed by Odia married women for long , happy and healthy life for their husband. In the early morning, women take purifying baths, take new clothes and bangles, Nine types of fruits and nine types of flowers offered to the Goddess Sabitri. As from legends Devi Sabitri fought with Yamraj and brought back life of her husband (Satyabana) by doing fasting in this particular day. so in this holy day women are doing fasting and wishing long life for their life partner.  After puja they put on new clothes, bangles and sindoor which they had offered to Devi Sabitri and take blessing of elders and husband too by bowing down. This is whole day fasting women are doing for their husband.

Savitri Brata 2022 in Odisha Date30.05.2022 (Monday)

Savitri Brata Odia Photo:

Happy Sabitri Brata Photo 2022

Happy Sabitri Brata Odia Photo, Savitri Amabasya Image

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