Tapu Mishra Health News : Her Relatives told the media about Latest Condition


tapu mishra health news today

 From a few months you have been hearing that Bollywood artists are suffering from corona and many artists are dying from corona. Corona’s influence is now being seen in Ollywood from Bollywood.
As you have heard, Jollywood artists in Odisha and many politicians have got affected by corona and we have witnessed many deaths also . Now the effects of corona are being seen in Ollywood also. From the latest news, the famous Ollywood singer Tapu Mishra has now been admitted in the ICU of a private hospital in Bhubaneswar. She was detected with corona and as her health condition suddenly deteriorated she moved to hospital immediately. This is not at all easily accepted news by the fans. Tapu Mishra got married 2 years ago. Everything was going well when this happened in her life so her fans are not accepting this thing easily. And now her fans are tagging her on Facebook and wishing for her quick recovery. 

    Let’s check out the latest video to know about Ollywood singer Tapu Mishra health news and today’s condition, stated by her relative.

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