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Utkal Divas History

Odisha was created as a separate state in British India on April 1, 1936, from the provinces of Orissa and Bihar. The Odia people’s three-decades-long struggle for independence culminated in this event. The first of April is observed as Utkal Divas to commemorate this occasion.

About Utkal Divas       

 Today is Utkala Divas, a very special day for all Odia people. Today our beloved state stepped in 72 years. Language-wise Odisha is the first state which became independent. In 1936 on the 1st day of April, our state become independent. And to remember that special day we are observing as Utkal Divas every year.

Why Utkal Divas is Celebrated

    Our Utkala Mani Gopabandhu Das, Utakala Gaurav Madhusudan Das, Maharaj Krushna ch. Gajapati, Byasa Kabi Fakir Mohan Senapati, Radha Nath Roy, Swabhaba Kabi Gangadhar Meher, etc started their revolution for independence for their own language. In 1903, Utakala Samilani got created and the revolution takes fire finally, the dream came true and on the 1st of April,1936 we got independence for our own language, Odia, and a separate geometric place for our existence.  So This day is to show our gratitude towards our state and the freedom fighters for whom we got our unique identity as Odia. 


Utkal Divas 2023 Speech & Essay

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Why Utkal Divas is celebrated?

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