Wife Odia Movie Cast, Release Date, Review, Budget & Collection

Here is the blog post about the Odia movie “Wife,” including details like the cast, song, release date, shooting photos, trailer video review, budget, and collection. Let’s break down the information.


Varsha Priyadarshini is one of the most popular and talented actresses in the Odia film industry. She has acted in more than 50 movies and has won several awards and accolades for her performances. She is also a social activist and a philanthropist, who works for various causes and charities

“Wife” is a movie that will surely touch the hearts of the viewers, and make them appreciate and respect the sacrifices and contributions of the homemakers. It is a movie that will showcase the acting skills and versatility of Varsha, who has always impressed the audience with her roles. It is a movie that will appeal to the fans of drama and social genres, as well as the general moviegoers who want to watch a meaningful and engaging story. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves Odia movies and wants to support the Odia film industry


In “Wife,” Varsha Priyadarshini takes on the role of the protagonist, while Jayjit plays the opposite. The stellar cast also includes Shankar, Vijayani Mishra, Ravi Mishra, Drishi, Smita Tripathi, Shova Raut, Kunuri, Pihu, and Payal.

Plot and Story:

The film delves into themes of marriage, engagement, responsibilities, and a woman’s role within the family. It aims to shed light on how one should behave towards the wife and fulfill duties in a family setting.

Provide insights into the storyline without giving away too many spoilers. Share any unique aspects of the plot or character development.

wife odia movie

Production Details:

Include information about the budget, mentioning that the total budget is approximately 40 Lakhs rupees. Discuss how the budget reflects the movie’s scale and expectations.

Director and Crew:

Talk about the director, Sudhakar Basant, and his vision for the film. Highlight the contributions of other notable crew members.

Release Date:

Reiterate the release date, emphasizing the cultural significance of releasing the film during the Raja festival.


Share your expectations for the movie and any early reviews or buzz surrounding it. Encourage readers to share their thoughts and expectations in the comments.

Box Office Collection:

After the release, update the blog with information about the box office collection. Discuss the movie’s success and its impact on the Odia film industry.


Summarize the key points discussed in the blog. Encourage readers to watch the movie and share their experiences.

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