World Earth Day 2024 Speech in Odia PDF, Wish Photo, Status

       Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22, worldwide. This event was first celebrated in 1970. From that day we are celebrating this day to know the importance of environment in our life and how our life can be affected by environment. This day reminds us about our role and responsibility towards earth, in which we are surviving. Earth is like our mother. She gives us good environment to survive and it’s our responsibility to take care of it because this environment affects our life. Before it was so green and clean. We used it for our shake. We forgot everything and for our profit we spoiled this environment. Now Earth is reacting for this by environmental changes like flood, cyclone, and earthquake. Temperature also getting increased day by day. If this state will continue then one day will come when no life may be there in earth because of spoiled environment. We should take responsibility not only to save but also to retain it clean. We should take vow to save all resources and not to spoil them for our self concern. For this earth and it’s environment we are surviving so now in an account we should save it  not for earth but for us, because if we save it will be good for us only. Now pollution is the most common concern for all. Everyone is taking care for it but we should know the main cause for it. Everything is getting polluted because of loss of tree every year, less human concern and careless use. So save Tree, save Environment and save Earth.

World Earth Day 2022 Odia Wallpapers

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