Bahuda Yatra 2021 Date Odia HD Photo, SMS, Puri Jagannath Jatra

    Bahuda Yatra is the Return Journey of lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra with three chariots to Jagannath Temple.

  Odia Bahuda 2021 Date. This year Ratha Yatra celebrated on 12 July and Bahuda Jatra will take place on 20 July 2021.

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  About Bahuda Yatra:

  The great holy Bahuda Yatra takes place on the tenth day of the lunar month of Ashadha. On this day Shri JagannathaMaa Subhadra and Bada Thakur Balabhadra Mahaprabhu ride in three chariots and come from the Gundicha temple to the Shree Mandira. The yatra on this holy day is called the Bahuda yatra. Since the Rath Yatra was held, the three chariots have been facing north in the same way as the Gundicha temple. The chariots are turned south on the eighth day before the Bahuda Yatra and prepared for the Bahuda Yatra. All policy, rules and regulations are determined by the Puri temple administration. Preparations are underway for three Jiu's departure through Nakachana Gate. The Sharadhabali in front of the Nakachana Gate is cleaned and made for Bahuda Yatra. This is called the southward journey as the chariot takes a southward turn in this Bahuda journey.

   On the ninth day, devotees consider three Jiu's evening darshan to be very sacred and auspicious. The ninth day is the last day of three Jius at Mausi Maa Temple. The evening of the ninth day is celebrated with the gathering of many devotees. Prior to the Bahuda yatra, three Jiu's puja were held in accordance with all the rules and regulations. Crowds of devotees occur at the Gundicha temple once in a year. After the Bahuda yatra, the Gundicha temple becomes purposeless again. Ninth days from the chariot ride, the avada is being prepared for three jius at the Gundicha temple. First the chariot of the Bada Thakur Balabhadra, Taladhwaj begins its journey from the Gundicha temple to the Shri Mandir. Then begins the journey of Maa Subhadra’s chariot, Darpadalan and at last behind them Kalia Saanta rides in his Nandighosa chariot and starts his journey. The Lakshmi-Narayan meeting puja is held when the Nandighosa chariot reaches the Shri Mandir. Lord Jagannath calms the anger of Mother Lakshmi. This symbolises the love, affection and attachment between husband and wife.

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When is Bahuda Yatra 2021  

   The chariot ride is not just a one day festival; it is divided into four parts. The first is the chariot journey or the Ghosha yatra. The second is the three idol worship and stay with all the rituals in the Gundicha temple. The fifth day is Hera Panchami, the day on which Shri Jagannath becomes the victim of the wrath of Maa Lakshmi and the last ritual is the Bahuda Yatra. According to the scriptures, during the chariot journey, the trinity rides in their respective chariot in the north direction. During the journey to Bahuda, the trinity rides in a chariot in the south direction. The darshan of the Trinity in the chariot on these two occasions gives the same sacred blessings. The virtuous blessing is the same as Ashwamedha yagyan.

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 Preparations for the Bahuda Yatra begin on the eighth day. Since the Rath Yatra, three chariots have been in front of the Jayabijaya gate of the Gundicha temple. Later, on the eighth day, the three chariots are turned south. The trinity started their journey in Sharadhabali through the Nakchana gate of the Gundicha temple. The chariot journey begins when the agyan mala comes from the Lord. After agyan mala, three chariots are pulled by the devotees in Sharadha Bali and returned from Gundicha temple to Sri Mandir.

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Guidelines For Bahuda Yatra Of Jagannath In Odisha's 

   This year there have been a lot of changes due to the covid pandemic.  As in 2020 there will be Rath yatra and Bahuda yatra in 2021 with so many rules and regulations. Without devotees, the procession will be carried out only with the help of the service people and the police. Section 144 has now been implemented in Puri. This rule will apply from the night of the 19th to the   

  21st of July. No devotee can visit the house or ashram or hotel roof on the yatra time. Hotels and shelters have been vacated by the district administration. All shops, offices, institutions, etc. in Bada dand have been ordered to be closed during the journey. The law on public transport has been enforced.

  The detailed rules will be communicated to the owners of the organization by the police. The list of residents of the houses in Bada dand has been compiled. With this list, traffic rules will be enforced.

Access to passenger buses and trains in Puri district is prohibited. Only approved essential vehicles are allowed to operate. Except for this, other normal vehicles are prohibited. With the exception of Puri's Baddanda, only pharmacies, medical equipment and optical shops can be open in the other parts of the town. Online home delivery services will continue but the hotel will remain closed. This has been pointed out by the administration.

All accessible roads from outside to the Puri district have been blocked. A total of 8 entrances have been closed. There are also special rules to prevent people living in Puri from coming to Badadanda. All roads leading to Badadand have been sealed off. Only government offices such as the electricity department, water department, telecom services, police service etc. will remain open. In addition, all other organizations have been ordered to close. The steps taken by the administration to protect the public in this pandemic are excellent .We urge everyone to abide by these rules and stay healthy and safe.

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