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Hera Panchami 2021

Shrikhetra has its own special significance on an everyday basis. The lifestyle of the Lords has no difference than of the common people. Kalia Thakura is worshiped in the temple with his elder brother and sister. Many deities, including wife Lakshmi and Vimala Maa, are worshiped in Bad Deula. In a festival like Rath Yatra, Lord leaves Lakshmi in Bad Deula and travels with his brother and sister to Gundicha temple. After staying there for nine days, the three Lords return to the Bad Deula.

Hera Panchami Image

Hera Panchami Date Image Odia Photo with Ratha, what happens in Hera Panchami

What happens in Hera Panchami?  

On the fifth day of the Rath Yatra is celebrated as Hera Panchami.  Symbolizing to Maa Lakshmi's pride, on the fifth day of the holy month of Asadha this day is observed in Puri. The lord of the universe, Jagannath himself, becomes the victim of the wrath of his wife. On this day, on the advice of Maa Bimala, Maa Lakshmi goes to the Gundicha temple and sees the Lord in the midnight but does not meet because of anger. On the way of returning she breaks the wood of Nandighosa(Jagannath’s chariot) so that her intentions of anger can be informed to the Lord. On the way back, Maa comes to the Bad Deula through Haragauri Sahi. It refers to the rights and close relationship of the wife over her husband.

Hera Panchami Re Kana Huye?

What happens in Hera Panchami? Hara Panchami Re Kana Huye ?
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Hera Panchami 2021 Date

In 2021, Hera Panchami falls on Friday, 16 July.

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