Bahubali Sebayat of Puri - Anil Gochikar Lifestyle, Bio, Wiki, Diet Plan, Social Media Contact Details

  In social media , one person becomes very  famous as Bahubali Sebayat in the Jagannath Rath Yatra  2020. Many people ask that who is bahubali sebayat Odisha. His name is Anil Gochhikar. His photo while pulling cart is going viral over social media and news channels also. He becomes very famous over not only National but also International platform for his body building. He again came in spot light because of recent cart festival. He is looking like Bahubali and his looks creates sensation all over the internet. 

   Whether it would be cart festival or Deva Snana Purnima or Pahandi bije, all these times the role of Sebayat is very crucial. So they always used to come in spot light as they are being always close to the Deities. Sebayat Mr. Anil Gochhikar's one picture is becoming viral and all are appreciating him.

   So Anil is not only serving for almighty Jagannath also he is a champion in body building. In 2012 he won the honour of Mr. Odisha and in 2016 he has honored with Mr. Internal trophy. Here one point to be noted that everyone does not aware of , he is pure vegetarian. But still he is maintaining such kind of marvelous body.

   He is the proud of our Odisha but still he is having one regret that still now no one has helped him as other body builders getting from other states. He has spoken about this things so many times over public.

   Now one allegation on his name that he is pulling cart and serving God because of money. Anil shared his sadness on social media and posted picture by saying , this is the condition of foot after pulling cart and does anyone can do it for money. He asked this question to everyone. So what is your opinion regarding this ,please share on the comment box.

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