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        RathaYatra means cart festival
or car festival or chariot festival. Now this festival observes in many places
but its origin is Puri, Odisha. The significance of this day is, the lord of
universe comes out from his temple to visit (give darshan) his devotees.
Non Hindus are not allowed to enter in temple so this is one day when all can
see, worship and get blessings of lord without any barrier of caste or
religion. This day is known as chariot festival or Rathayatra. In this day
three deities (Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra and MaaSubhadra) along with
Lord Sudarshana come out from temple with great procession called as Pahandi-Bije.
After riding on their respective temple shaped chariot (Ratha),devotees pull
thesegiant carts from Badadeula to Gundicha temple. The name of
the chariot of Lord Shree Jagannatha is Nandighosha, Lord Shree
Balabhadra’s chariot name is Taladhwajaand Devadalana or Darpadalana
is the chariot’s name of Lord Subhadra . The height of Nandighosha
chariot is 45 feet and 6 inches and adorns with yellow and red combination of
colored clothes. This chariot has 9 side idols and 4 white horses. The height
of Taladhwaja chariot is 45 feet and adorns with green and red clothes
with 9 side idols and 4 black horses. Similarly Debadalana chariot is of
44 feet and 6 inches height and adorns with black and red colored clothes and
has side idols and 4 red horses. This is the annual visit of Gods to their
aunt’s house. After the stay of 7 days in Gundicha temple on 8th day
the deities return back to main temple(Badadeula) with same rituals. This
return journey is called Bahuda Yatra.This year Rathayatra is on 25th
of June and Bahudayatra is on 3rd of July.This day so many people
gather in Puribadadandato watch this. People from every corner of world
come to Puri for this festival.


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